Season 1 Episode 1


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Story Edit

Captain America is sent in a Van during WWII. The van loses control is headed towards the pits. Luckily Cap gets out in time and journey's toward the HYDRA base. He is then faced by an armored HYDRA agent who apparently stole Howard Stark's blueprints. He defeats him and chases the Rocket that will destroy the world. He successfully disarms it and falls to the water and freezes. Years later Tony Stark rediscovers him on one of his trips. He brings him to his ship and attempts to revive him.Wearing his armor that resembles the HYDRA armor. Cap then assaults Iron Man as he thinks he is HYDRA. Tony then calms Cap and shows him the future. Cap then realizes his mistakes and calms down. Tony then offers him to join The Avengers. Cap says yes as he has nothing to lose. Suddenly The Hulk is seen rampaging through the city. Cap helps Stark in order to stop the Hulk. However The Hulk is too much and they need something bigger.