Season 1 Episode 21


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Story Edit

The Avengers are at HQ and they are fine. Ultron plans to attack and hack their system. Tony and Rhodes guard the wall while the rest hide. Ulton quickly dispatches them. Bucky tells Cap to go as he will guard them. Cap faces Ultron but gets knocked out. Bucky attacks and also looses. The 3 go and attack Ultron. They also get hit. The Avengers attack one by one. Star Lord is by himself while Ultron gains power. He tries to escape but gets blasted. He disappears and it is unknown if he died or not. The Thing was next and then gets blasted. The rest move on until Bucky and Rhodey are separated. Ultron tries to hit Bucky but Rhodes hits him and dies. Ultron warns about his future plans but Stark finds the weakness and destroys him. The team is lacking of members to fight the army and they re-group.