Season 1 Episode 2

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Story Edit

As The Hulk is nearly unbeatable Iron Man tells Captain America to face the Hulk as he has to equip with the only thing that could stop The Hulk. Cap agrees as he has nothing to lose so Iron Man leaves. As Stark realizes that the armor will take a long time to finish he sends his working armors in order to help Cap. Cap gets hit in the back and can barely move luckily Tony's Armors arrive(1st appearance,ultimate,extremis). As they battle through the city Iron Man rewires his new armor. Cap is facing the hulk with ton's suits. The suits are firing at the Hulk but the 1st Appearance armor got caught thus getting destroyed. Cap tells Tony about this and thus Stark must hurry up. Cap continues the fight shielding the Hulk's strikes. The armors continue to fire as the ultimate armor tries to shock the Hulk but can't handle the power. Cap informs this and says he's nearly ready to suit up. Cap is getting tiered and having difficulties with The Hulk. Extremis strikes in order to protect Cap until it is slammed down and crushed by the Hulk. Cap attacks but gets hit and is laying on the ground. The Hulk is about to kill Cap until Stark arrives with his new armor the HULKBUSTER. The hulkbuster strikes with it's hand and jackhammers the Hulk. The Hulk still manages to fight even with a gigantic repulsor blast. So they decide to trap him. The Hulk realizes his defeat and surrenders. The Hulk apologizes and asks if he can join the team. Thus The Avengers have a new member in the Hulk.