Season 1 Episode 7

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Story Edit

The team discover a mysterious lightning source. Spider-man lost his suit and is wearing a training suit. Tony sits the mission temporarily leaving the team. The team goes on a journey until Spidey is shot by lightning. Cap asks Rhodey to go down with him while The Hulk guards Peter. They go down and face Doom. Doom electrocutes Rhodey nut he realizes his power increased. He unleashes a repulsor attack on Doom but fails. Cap then shields Doom's attacks but it caused a huge effect in which the Hulk took action and attacked but failed. The team is struggling with Doom's unique abilities. Spidey joins in ties Doom with his webbing but just gets electrified. Stark see's this and immediately joins the team with upgrades. He attacks Doom with something Doom can't counter. He and Rhodey trap him in a force field which traps him. Tony gets angry at Peter for being useless in the battle. Peter apologizes and asks for a new suit which Stark agrees with. Steve gets angry at tony for staying as they got demolished there. They fight on but Ton quickly apologizes. In the cell it is seen that the Anti Avengers have recruited Doom.